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We know the success of your business depends on moving your products, and we do everything we can to give you the railcar solution that best fits your needs. From the day-to-day administration to managing the shopping of a railcar for you, we take extra care to ensure your business is managed accurately and in a timely manner.

Managing Preventative Maintenance & Repair
Administrative Services
Engineering Services
Technology Services

Managing Preventative Maintenance & Repair

Because we understand your need for minimal downtime, we aim to be ahead of the curve in pursuing predictive and preventative maintenance and repair programs. This drives our efforts to continuously evaluate and improve maintenance and repair processes.

Our oversight of the maintenance and repair service offering means we will manage the entire process, from shopping a railcar and inspection to railroad “bad order” repairs and disposition.

Administrative Services

We handle all administration services from onboarding through to the entire leasing process. Here are examples of the type of services we can provide:

  • Association of American Railroads (AAR) registration (Umler/mechanical files) submissions

  • State property tax management, including the filing of annual reports

  • Railroad negotiation settlements when a railcar is damaged or wrecked

  • Mileage accounting: AAR and Railroad mileage detail and payments

  • AAR repair auditing and accounting

  • Management and maintenance for railcar specification, repair and regulatory compliance history

  • Management for railcar warranty issues

  • Management and auditing of third-party maintenance and repair service providers

  • Planning and management for predictive and preventative maintenance programs

  • Oversight of new and proposed regulatory compliance requirements

Engineering Services

Our Engineering team provides the technical expertise and industry knowledge to ensure every Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. customer is getting a properly equipped car for their needs. They track data on maintenance and repairs to confirm every railcar is in 100% compliance with all regulatory restrictions and industry requirements. The team also works closely with customers and railcar shops to provide technical support and troubleshoot railcar performance issues by providing root cause investigation and corrective actions.

Technology Services

Our team understands your digital transformation and can work with you to design solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize repetitive, complex tasks. Utilizing Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.’s Open API infrastructure, our team can partner with you to implement out-of-the box integrations with your business systems or to create customized integration solutions that best fit your core processes.

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