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Working harder to drive results for your business is our focus. From the quality of our railcars, to our unparalleled maintenance programs, to the knowhow of our expert team, you can count on Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. to make a real, tangible difference to your bottom line.

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Our Railcars

Our extensive fleet of quality railcars can support all of your needs. And our industry-leading maintenance program ensures your cars are always in the best condition possible.

Covered Hopper Cars

Designed for transporting grains, processed grain co-products, cement, fertilizers, dry chemicals, and minerals.

Tank Cars

Includes a variety of general-purpose and specialty tank cars to transport liquid commodities or solids liquefied prior to unloading.

For dry bulk product transport, including flour, starch, clay, talc, lime, dry chemicals, and minerals.

Flat Cars

Built for transporting forestry products such as logs and lumber, as well as pipes, flat steel, and other construction and general merchandise.

Mill Gondola Cars

These versatile railcars can be configured to transport scrap metals, steel ingots, sheet steel, pipes, and other metal products.

Open Top Hopper Cars

Ideal for transporting industrial minerals such as crushed rock, ballast, gravel and sand, plus light-density products such as wood chips and waste.

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Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. offers personalized programs, quality railcars, and knowledgeable experts across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Railcar Leasing & Financing

Every business is different, and we customize our lease, finance, and service solutions to suit yours. Taking the time to understand your business allows us to tailor an option that helps achieve your goals.

Standard Lease Options

Choose the lease that best suits your business, including Full Service Lease or Net Lease.

Other Financing Options

There is a range of other customizable options including purchase and sale leaseback options.

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There are many important details to consider to keep your business and railcars running. Our maintenance, repair, and administration services are best in class.

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