Once you partner with us as your railcar services provider, you can be confident that we will not only administer the railcars to meet regulatory and accounting requirements, but also that our communications with you are clear, accurate, and timely. Let us take care of your railcars, while you focus on your business. 

The following are some of the services that we provide as part of the Chicago Freight Car Full Service Lease or as part of a customized Fleet Management Agreement:

  • Association of American Railroads (AAR) registration (UMLER/ mechanical files) submissions.
  • State property tax management, including the filing of annual reports.
  • Railroad negotiation settlements when a railcar is damaged or wrecked.
  • Mileage accounting: AAR and Railroad mileage detail and payments.
  • AAR repair auditing and accounting.
  • Manage and maintain railcar specification, repair and regulatory compliance history.
  • Manage railcar warranty issues.
  • Manage and Audit 3rd party maintenance and repair service providers.
  • Plan and manage predictive and preventative maintenance programs.
  • Ascertain and communicate new and proposed regulatory compliance requirements.
Your Chicago Freight Car Representative can provide more insight and support for your administrative service needs.