“Being ahead of the curve in pursuing predictive and preventative maintenance and repair programs supports your need for railcars with minimal out-of- service time and lowers rail fleet costs over the long term.”

– Dennis Weed, Chief Mechanical Officer

The quality of the work done on your railcar is critical to safety, transport reliability, the ease of loading and unloading the railcar and the protection your product integrity. Thus, our maintenance and repair processes are continuously evaluated and improved.

The following are some examples of our maintenance and repair workflows:

Shopping a Railcar:
  • Start by contacting Chicago Freight Car Customer Support.
  • We will first assess the maintenance and repair issue to determine if the car can be worked on locally by a Mobile Repair Unit or if it needs to be directed to a Full Service Repair Shop within our North American Network.
Inspecting the Inbound Railcar:
When the railcar is shopped, we first conduct a thorough inspection, reviewing both the car’s repair history and any new industry requirements that might pertain to the inspected car. Estimates of the time and cost to to perform the required work are done (as pertinent to the lease agreement).
Cleaning the Railcar:
For safety, the interior and/or exterior of the railcar will be cleaned if the car is not provided to us in clean condition.
Repair and/or Maintenance of the Railcar:
Using the information provided by our customers and the inspection report, the appropriate repair and/or maintenance is completed according to appropriate industry and Chicago Freight Car standards and specifications.

We can perform a full range of repair and/or maintenance services including:
  • Railcar body structure and safety appliance work: repair and replacement of side sheets and sills, handrails, ladders, placards, loading hatches, gates.
  • Railcar underframe service: truck assemblies, wheel sets, draft gears, yokes, sideframes, couplers, bolsters.
  • Air brake system inspection, testing, repair and replacement.
  • Exterior painting and interior lining systems.

Railroad “Bad Order” Repairs and Damaged Railcar Disposition:
When the railroads are in control of our railcars and provide running repairs or damaged car (from derailments, et.al.) status, we monitor their work and disposition handling to make sure their efforts meet with our standards and cost expectations.
Railcar Refurbishment Services:
In addition to our repair and maintenance service offering, we can manage an extensive process to refurbish railcars to address heavy damage or can reconfigure a car for a different or more optimal railcar product service. We begin by understanding the desired performance requirements, followed by the engineering, design work and then implementation of a plan to refurbish the car cost effectively and on a timely basis.

Your Chicago Freight Car Representative is ready to provide professional support, helping you determine the best approach for your railcar repair, maintenance, and refurbishment needs.