“Since 1928, we have grown as a family owned business by nurturing strong values and providing innovative services. We remain as focused as ever on fulfilling needs of our customers, employees and community.”

Fred Sasser, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Sasser Family Holdings, Inc.

Our Mission:
To forge deep and profitable relationships with our customers for a lifetime of success; we provide a fulfilling workplace for our employees for a lifetime of growth; we deliver opportunity for our investors for a lifetime of security.

Our Vision:

To be the premier provider of railcar leasing solutions, by exceeding our customers’ expectations in the quality and reliability of our products and services, as well as our performance in providing these.

Our Core Purpose & Values:

Delivering superior customer service and expertise in order to help our customers better serve their customers.
  • We will never compromise our integrity.
  • Our only product is superior customer service.
  • We succeed or fail as a team.
  • We relentlessly seek ways to add value.