Our customers partner with us for more than just railcars. We give them something no one else provides...a lifetime of proven success through unparalleled customer service and industry expertise.
Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. is part of Sasser Family Holdings Inc, which traces its roots back to 1928. When many businesses were closing their doors because of the Great Depression, Fred H. Sasser decided to open the doors of Central West Refrigerator Despatch, his first of many business ventures. Upon returning from World War II, Fred's son Robert built on his father's success by refurbishing large quantities of idle U.S. Army Railcars. Today, we continue the entrepreneurial nature of the Sasser family by continuing to add new products and services to our portfolio to adapt to the changing needs of our customers.
For over 85 years, the Sasser family has been committed to providing its customers with quality products, reliable services, and outstanding customer support. As a family-owned business we believe success comes from treating our customers like family. It is this commitment and focus that has shaped our history, and continues to shape our future successes.
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